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Your Love Story, Unscripted: Wedding Photos Capturing the Raw Beauty of Your Wedding Day

Authentic, Documentary Wedding Photography Portfolio by Wedding Photographer Michael Pardoe.

True Emotions, Real Events, Stunning Wedding Photography, Timeless Wedding Photography.

Seeking Candid Wedding Photography Elegance for Your Cheshire Wedding? Explore My Documentary Wedding Photography Portfolio!

Wedding photography Cheshire: Let your love story unfold in the charming landscapes of Cheshire and beyond, captured with timeless elegance through my documentary wedding photography portfolio.

More than just pictures: Go beyond fleeting trends and discover a collection bursting with candid moments, raw emotions, and stunning portraits. My expertise lies in documentary-style photography, preserving the authentic beauty of your unique love story.

Relive every precious moment: Imagine reliving your laughter-filled ceremony, the heartfelt exchange of vows, and the joyous first dance through evocative imagery. I capture the essence of your day, not staged perfection, but the real, unfiltered joy that makes your love story unique.

A portfolio that speaks your language: Explore my wedding photography portfolio and see if our vision resonates with yours. We believe in capturing the true spirit of your wedding, from the intimate moments to the vibrant celebrations.

Create a legacy of memories: Let me create a legacy of memories that celebrate your Cheshire wedding in all its splendour. Contact me today and let’s discuss how I can document your love story in a way that truly reflects your authentic selves.

Laura & Simon
Timeless Wedding Photography
at Grosvenor Pulford Hotel

Cheshire Wedding Elegance Meets Unforgettable Fun at Grosvenor Pulford Hotel.

Laura & Simon’s dream of a wedding that transcended time, where timeless elegance meets infectious laughter. Grosvenor Pulford Hotel, a Cheshire wedding venue gem where their fairy-tale unfolded. Laura & Simon said “I do” amidst breath-taking surroundings, followed by an evening brimming with joyous revelry.

Imagine a wedding woven with the charm of bygone eras, seamlessly blended with contemporary touches. Picture the happy couple, radiant in their love, surrounded by cherished family and friends. This wasn’t just any wedding; it was a celebration woven with magic, where nostalgia danced hand-in-hand with modernity.

Madison & Cameron
Images by Michael Pardoe
Twilight Wedding Photography
at Styal Lodge Wedding Venue


Dreamy Wedding at Styal Lodge: Love, Laughter, and Stunning Photos

Love radiated from the young couple as they celebrated their wedding at the breath-taking Styal Lodge. Documentary photography seamlessly captured Madison and Cameron’s genuine joy, preserving precious candid moments. As the sun dipped below the horizon, breath-taking outdoor portraits by the lake painted a picture-perfect scene.



Liz & Gareth
Winter Wedding Photography by Michael Pardoe
at Highfield Hall

Dream Wedding at Highfield Hall: Timeless Elegance Meets True Love

Love takes centre stage at the breath-taking Highfield Hall, a wedding venue woven with timeless elegance. This cherished day, meticulously planned by the adoring couple, finally unfolds, transforming dreams into reality. Surrounded by their dearest family and friends, amidst the venue’s captivating beauty, they celebrate their heartfelt union.

Liz & Daniel's Twilight Wedding
At St. George's Hall, Liverpool.
Wedding Photography by Michael Pardoe

Timeless Love Amidst Liverpool’s Majesty: A November Twilight Wedding at St. George’s Hall.

Picture this: Liz & Daniel, a radiant couple, their love story etched on their faces, exchange vows in the grandeur of St. George’s Hall, Liverpool’s crown jewel. As twilight paints the city in soft hues, rain-kissed cobblestones shimmer, creating a magical backdrop for their wedding portraits. Inside, warmth and laughter fill the air as family and friends celebrate this momentous occasion.

Jenny & David
Wedding Photography by Michael Pardoe
at North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood,

A Fairy-tale Wedding in Fleetwood, Lancashire: Captured in Stunning Photos

Fleetwood, Lancashire, with its charming seaside setting and rich history, served as the idyllic backdrop for a wedding brimming with joy and heartfelt moments. The happy couple, Jenny and David, exchanged vows surrounded by their loved ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

This special day was meticulously documented, masterfully blending candid, documentary-style shots with beautiful posed portraits. The resulting collection of photographs perfectly captures the essence of the celebration, from the raw emotions of the ceremony to the unbridled revelry of the reception.

Kelly & Peter
Wedding Photography by Michael Pardoe
at St. Augustine's Church
& Forest Hills Hotel

Runcorn Christening & Wedding: A Celebration Bursting with Love and Laughter.

Imagine a wedding overflowing with joy, where vows are exchanged and a precious newborn is welcomed into the world on the same sacred day. This dream became reality for a loving couple in Runcorn, who celebrated their unique wedding at the historic St. Augustine’s church, followed by a heart-warming reception at the amazing Forest Hills Hotel in Cheshire.

The ceremony at St. Augustine’s was an intimate gathering, filled with the tender moments of their baby girl’s christening. Laughter and tears mingled as the couple pledged their love, their commitment echoing the newfound bond with their child.

Forest Hills Hotel provided the perfect backdrop for the joyous reception. Guests were treated to stunning views of the Cheshire countryside, creating a picture-perfect setting for celebrating this special occasion. The atmosphere buzzed with love and laughter as family and close friends danced the night away, revelling in the couple’s undeniable love for each other.

This wasn’t just a wedding; it was a celebration of life, love, and family. The day served as a testament to the couple’s deep connection and the joy they bring to each other’s lives. It was a unique wedding in Runcorn, etched in the hearts of everyone present, forever remembered as a day brimming with love and laughter.


Lisa & Keiron
Wedding Photography by Michael Pardoe
at 30 James Street Hotel,

Liverpool Wedding Magic: Saying “I Do” at the Iconic 30 James Street, Home of the Titanic

Nestled in the heart of Liverpool, history unfolded as a love story blossomed at 30 James Street, the very building where the legendary Titanic once received its orders. This wasn’t just any wedding; it was a celebration of love against a backdrop steeped in maritime history and timeless grandeur.

Imagine: Exchanging vows in the opulent White Star Grand Hall, where whispers of the past mingle with the joy of the present. The day unfolds with a heart-warming ceremony bathed while the evening ignites with laughter and vibrant energy on the dance floor. Friends and family, united by love, travel from near and far to witness this momentous occasion.

This is more than just a wedding; it’s an experience. Tears well up during heartfelt speeches, and the air crackles with excitement as guests take to the dance floor. Every corner of the meticulously restored venue, from the grand staircase to the elegant rooftop bar, becomes a canvas for unforgettable memories.

Emma & Kyle
Wedding Photography by Michael Pardoe
at Merrydale Manor

Love, Laughter, and Sunshine: A Dream Wedding at Merrydale Manor

Picture this: a radiant sun bathes the stunning grounds of Merrydale Manor, casting a warm glow on a day brimming with love, laughter, and happy tears. This wasn’t just any wedding; it was a celebration of two souls embarking on a beautiful journey together, amidst the breath-taking backdrop of Merrydale’s picturesque charm.

The Story Unfolds:

  • Morning Magic: The day dawns with joyous anticipation, captured in candid and fun-filled prep photography. Excitement fills the air as the bride and groom prepare for their momentous vows.
  • A Ceremony Steeped in Emotion: Tears well up as heartfelt promises are exchanged under the watchful gaze of loved ones. The ceremony unfolds seamlessly, etched in every heart present.
  • Picture Perfect Afternoon: As the sun dips lower, casting an even more romantic light, the newlyweds steal away for stunning couples portraits amidst Merrydale’s captivating landscapes. Laughter fills the air as group photos capture the joy of friends and family gathered to celebrate.
  • Speeches and Revelry: Heartfelt words and well wishes set the stage for an energy-fuelled evening reception. Guests raise a toast to the happy couple, dancing the night away under the stars.

Claire & John
Wedding Photographer Michael Pardoe
at Runcorn Town Hall & Holiday Inn, Runcorn

Laughter, Love, and Dancing Shoes: A Dream Wedding at Runcorn Town Hall & Holiday Inn, Runcorn.

From tearful vows to energetic dance moves, Claire & John’s’ wedding at the historic Runcorn Town Hall was a whirlwind of joy and unforgettable moments.

A Ceremony Steeped in Emotion:

The grand setting of Runcorn Town Hall provided the perfect backdrop for an emotional and laughter-filled ceremony. Sunlight streamed through the elegant windows, illuminating the couple’s radiant smiles as they pledged their love before their closest friends and family.

Picture-Perfect Moments in Stunning Grounds:

Following the ceremony, the idyllic gardens of Runcorn Town Hall transformed into a photographer’s paradise. Laughter filled the air as heartfelt portraits and playful group photos captured the pure joy of the occasion.

Speeches that Touched the Heart (and Tickled the Funny Bone):

Moving to Holiday Inn Runcorn, the evening celebrations commenced with heartfelt speeches. Tears flowed freely as loved ones shared touching memories and well wishes, followed by side-splitting laughter as humorous anecdotes painted a picture of the couple’s unique bond.

Unforgettable Dance Party with Live Saxophone:

The DJ spun energetic tunes, but the night truly took off when a live saxophonist joined the mix, infusing the dance floor with an irresistible groove. The happy couple, their friends, and family danced the night away, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Amanda & John
at The Cock O' Barton
By Cheshire wedding Photographer
Michael Pardoe

Cheshire Wedding Magic at the Cock O’Barton: A Fairy-tale in Pictures

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Cheshire, The Cock O’Barton provided a fairy-tale setting for a stunning wedding filled with love and laughter. The ceremony, brimming with emotion, captured the deep love between the bride and groom. Candid documentary photography beautifully documented the joy of the couple and their guests as they celebrated with drinks and canapes. Stepping outdoors, the newlyweds embarked on a romantic portrait session against the backdrop of the picturesque Cheshire countryside, forever etching their love story in timeless photographs.

Katie & Daniel's
Runcorn Town Hall Wedding
& Celebrations At The War Memorial Club, Runcorn
by Michael Pardoe, Wedding Photographer For Cheshire & The North West

Love In Iconic Runcorn: A Wedding Filled With Emotion and Joy

Runcorn, Cheshire: Two soulmates embark on a lifetime journey, exchanging vows amidst the historic charm of Runcorn Town Hall. Surrounded by their treasured family and friends, their undeniable connection radiated, creating a day brimming with heartfelt emotion and pure joy.

Picture Perfect Beginnings: The stunning architecture of Runcorn Town Hall provided a breath-taking backdrop for the ceremony, its manicured gardens offering a touch of timeless elegance. Precious moments unfolded, captured by Michael Pardoe who ensured every laugh, tear, and loving glance were preserved for eternity.

From Vows to Vibrant Celebration: Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests moved to the lively War Memorial Club in Runcorn. Here, amidst the infectious energy and heartfelt congratulations, the celebration truly came alive. Dancing, laughter, and genuine joy fuelled the atmosphere, making it a night to remember for all.

Love Story Etched in Time: Beyond the merriment, the day was all about cherishing the love between the couple. Intimate portraits captured their genuine connection, offering a glimpse into the depth of their affection. These treasured photographs will serve as a timeless reminder of their special day, forever sparking warm memories of their love story’s beautiful beginning.

Lisa & Andy
Love, Laughter, and Forever Memories Captured at the Everglades Hotel, Widnes

Romantic, Documentary Wedding Photography at the Everglades Hotel: Capturing Joy, Love, and Laughter in Widnes.

Experience the magic of a truly special day with this captivating wedding photography coverage, showcasing the incredible love story of a remarkable couple and their cherished loved ones. Immerse yourself in genuine emotions, infectious joy, and heart-warming laughter as they celebrate their union amidst the stunning backdrop of the Everglades Hotel in Widnes.

Authentic storytelling: I go beyond staged poses to tell the unique story of Lisa & Andy’s love journey, showcasing the genuine connection between them and their loved ones.

Love Blooms in Historic Runcorn: Samantha & Lewis
Tie the Knot at their Iconic Runcorn Town Hall Wedding

Love Locks in at Runcorn Town Hall: Young Couple Celebrate Fairy-tale Wedding in Historic Venue


A young couple’s love story unfolds amidst the grandeur of Runcorn Town Hall, their romantic wedding ceremony a testament to their devotion. Breath-taking venue, heart-warming vows, and stunning details – discover their picture-perfect celebration!

Nestled amidst the charming streets of Runcorn, England, lies the iconic Runcorn Town Hall, a beacon of history and elegance. It was here, on a summer’s day, that a young couple’s love story culminated in a fairy-tale wedding ceremony, their vows echoing through the halls and their devotion radiating in every detail.

Claire & Mark
at Runcorn Town Hall
& Halton Castle

Lovebirds Claire and Mark celebrated their happily ever after in a wedding straight out of a storybook. The stunning bride, resplendent in beautiful wedding dress, and the dapper groom, looking sharp in his tuxedo and bow tie, exchanged vows at the historic Runcorn Town Hall, its grandeur adding a touch of timeless elegance to their special day.

Following the ceremony, the joy continued at the historic Halton Castle Inn, where the couple and their loved ones danced the night away amidst laughter and heartfelt moments. The venue’s picturesque charm served as a breath-taking backdrop for their wedding portraits, capturing the couple’s radiant happiness and undeniable connection.

This magical wedding, with its perfect blend of classic romance and modern touches, is sure to inspire soon-to-be-weds seeking a truly unforgettable celebration.

Paula & Brian's
Runcorn Town Hall Wedding
& Reception at JLR Club, Widnes

Emotions soared, joy overflowed, and laughter filled the air as Paula & Brian celebrated their love in an elegant wedding at the iconic Runcorn Town Hall. This magnificent venue provided the perfect backdrop for their epic wedding day portraits, both inside its grand architecture and amidst the picturesque grounds. As their documentary wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing every heartfelt moment, from the tearful vows to the joyous dance floor celebrations at the Jaguar Landrover Club in Widnes.

Lynne & Neil
at Knowsley Hall

Knowsley Hall Wedding Photography: A Timeless Celebration of Love

Immerse yourself in the elegance and romance of a Knowsley Hall wedding with this captivating documentary photography experience. Witness the heart-warming journey of a loving couple, from the intimate moments of bridal preparations to the joyous celebrations of two beautiful ceremonies.

Capture every emotion and detail:

  • Morning bridal prep: Be there as the bride transforms into a radiant vision, the anticipation and excitement palpable in the air.
  • Dual ceremonies: Celebrate the couple’s love story unfolding through two unique and meaningful ceremonies.
  • Stunning portraits: Wander the impeccably maintained grounds of Knowsley Hall, its rich history and manicured gardens providing a breath-taking backdrop for romantic couple portraits and cherished group photos with loved ones.
  • Unforgettable reception: Soak in the vibrant energy of the evening reception, where laughter, dancing, and heartfelt speeches create memories to last a lifetime.
  • First dance: Witness the magic of the couple’s first dance, a moment overflowing with love and promise.

Tina & Peter
At Oriel Hotel
St. Asaph, North Wales

North Wales Wedding Magic: Joy, Love & Laughter Captured at Oriel Hotel

Celebrate with this smitten couple, Tina & Peter, as their love story unfolds at the charming Oriel Hotel in North Wales! Dive into a day brimming with heartfelt emotions, infectious laughter, and picture-perfect moments.


Georgie & Alex
Cheshire Wonderland: A Snowy Forest Hills Wedding Captured in Timeless Photos

Documentary Delight: Unveiling the Heart of the Celebration

This wasn’t just any wedding photography; it was an artistic tapestry woven with candor and authenticity. Gone were the stiff poses and forced smiles. Instead, the focus was on capturing the essence of the day – the nervous anticipation before the ceremony, the tearful joy of exchanging vows, the unrestrained laughter shared with loved ones. Each click of the shutter revealed a raw, unfiltered glimpse into the couple’s love story, forever preserved in stunning photographs.

Jeremy & Jeanette
at Stanneylands Hotel

Kirsty & Christopher
at Keele Hall

Helen & Kelly
at Astley Bank Hotel

Nicola & Michael
at Formby Hall

Laura & Lewis
at Saddleworth Hotel

Gill & Nick
at Abbeywood Gardens

Beth & Brad
at Styal Lodge

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